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After completing various sections of welding metal together, the next step is achieving a seamless finish.

Blending welds is the action of combining two metal pieces together through welding and the grinding down of the weld to produce no visible seam.

Before welding can commence, the workpiece needs to be cleaned to remove any rust or mill scale that has formed. For this application, the Superflex rough cleaning, or non-woven flap disc is ideal. Once the cleaning process is completed you can determine the type of weld that is required.

2 Types of welds can be distinguished. MIG welding, also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding and TIG welding, known as Tungsten Inert Gas Welding. Where MIG welding is known to be a low cost yet highly productive method of welding, and mostly used on common metals like Carbon Steel and Alloys, TIG welding is a more precise form of welding and requires a bit more skill, as it results in a neater and smaller weld.

The choice of weld will be dependent on the required finish, which is determined by the original material of the workpiece. Carbon steel is almost always painted after welding, where Stainless steel usually requires a polished finish. If working on Carbon steel, not all welds need to be removed, as the seam will not always be visible. Stainless steel, like elevator panels, or handrails on the other hand requires a highly refined finish to disguise scratches.

When preparing to blend a weld, it is important to ensure that you are working with a clean, good weld, free from air bubbles or porosity. There should also be no undercut for example edges that doesn’t intrude or fold into the surface of the material.

The Superflex range consists of different product options when it comes to blending weld applications. Removing the weld can quickly be accomplished with our AS30R Professional grinding disc.
We recommend, a criss-cross motion to knock down the high spots when grinding, as you will remove stock quicker and easier without damaging the workpiece around the weld.

It is important to refrain from too much pressure when using a grinding disc, as you wouldn’t want to grind into the weld causing damage that could potentially weaken the weld leading to it needing to be redone. In some cases, a used grinding disc might offer the perfect solution, as it will be less aggressive on application. It is important to note that the final required blend will require further rework with a finer grit abrasive product after grinding.

If opting to use only one product, the Flap disc, is ideal to remove both the weld and produce the final blend.

As a third option to blend welds, Superflex Fibre Discs can be used. A P80 grit used at a really low grinding angle of about 45 degrees, will blend the weld perfectly. Once satisfied with the finish, you can use a finer grit fibre disc, either P120 or P150, to remove the scratch marks either . Take care not to use excessive pressure during this application.

The surface is now perfectly prepared for painting, however if a mirror finish is required, we suggest using a Superflex Non-woven Medium Flap disc followed by a Superflex Non-woven Fine Flap disc.

Whatever your requirement when it comes to abrasive products, we have you covered.

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Technical Sales Representative

Pretoria Central

A Vacancy exists for Experienced Entrepreneurial Dynamic Sales Representatives to grow sales and manage existing customers in predetermined parts of Pretoria Central for Grinding Techniques, a well-known manufacturer of abrasives products and part of the Tyrolit group of companies.


• Research, develop, manage and drive implementation of account plans in order to maximise current business and the development of new business opportunities and growth. These plans should contribute directly to the Grinding Techniques Sales Plan.
• Take full accountability for the achievement of revenue streams, profitability and volume growth and other key performance areas/indicators for direct accounts in the portfolio.
• Responsible for effective negotiation, management and administration of contractual obligations, pricing and other administrative requirements of accounts in portfolio. Seek opportunities to reduce the cost of doing business with customers and for development of sustainable partnerships.
• Minimising and management of potential channel conflict, with the ultimate goal of eliminating conflict in this channel.
• Develop processes to measure, track, report and communicate account performance in order to ensure specific focus, and utilising these processes to monitor trends, achievements and performance against targets.
• Develop reporting and monitoring mechanisms highlighting competitor, both local and international, activities, highlighting market movements to Sales and Management.
• Perform cost-benefit and needs analysis on existing and potential customers as part of the sales process.
• Conduct cold calling at new/potential customers along with a focused growth strategy at the existing customers in the allocated sales area.
• Analyse market potentials, track sales and status reports.
• Meet and exceed sales budgets (volume & revenue).
• Actively manage the debtor’s book for the allocated sales portfolios.
• Establish, promote and maintain positive business and customer relationships.
• Ensure adherence to company policy and procedures.
• Servicing and further development of existing customer base.
• Participation/representation at open days/trade shows with the ability to conduct physical product demonstrations.
• Comply with the company’s planning, reporting and customer management structures as determined by management.
• Adherence to the company price list and discount structures as determined by management
• Assisting with the Annual Stock Stake which may be conducted over a weekend.
• Where applicable, ensuring that stock and expenditure is controlled within agreed limits and that procedures are adhered to.
• General tidiness of allocated office space and vehicle
• Any other duty which may be assigned to you from time-to-time.
• General Housekeeping and Administration associated with the position and work space.


The successful applicant must have:
• A Technical Qualification and/or 5-7 years proven sales experience in a technical field
• Must have a valid driver’s licence
• Must be willing to travel.
• Knowledge of the abrasive industry would be an advantage.


• Excellent Communication Skills, both Verbal and Written
• Strong Negotiation Skills
• Must be MS Office literate (Intermediate to Advanced)
• CRM Management, Call Planning and Sales Reporting.
• Resilient, resourceful personality/character.
• Conflict management.
• Strong business acumen.
• Entrepreneurial flair with excellent time management skills.

The successful applicant should preferably reside in the Centurion and or Surrounding areas, and must also be a self-starter with the ability to prioritise, formulate and execute business plans. Ability to function as part of a team as well as individually is critical. Integrity, credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism are non-negotiable.

If you do not hear from us within 14 days, please consider your application as unsuccessful.

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