Superflex Spindle Mounted Points – Accuracy to the point

Mounted points are always in high demand when precise results are required on difficult-to-access areas. Mounted points are used in conjunction with Straight grinders or Die grinders as it is commonly known. These power tools are hand-held and used for grinding, sanding, honing, deburring, or machining of material. The name stems from one of their earliest applications; tool and die work, where they are used to create the precise contours of dies and molds. Their versatile application, make them a popular tool.


When it comes to mounted points, they are very small vitrified, or resin bonded abrasive points with a ball, point, cone, cylinder, or bullet shape. Mounted on a pin or mandrel to suit a Die grinder.

Superflex carries an extensive mounted point range available in A, B and W shapes with 3mm and 6mm spindle (shaft) diameters. Our range offers both resin and vitrified bonded variants in different specifications, dependent on what your applications and results require. Our resin and vitrified bonded points offer you solutions for the highest quality requirements. Some of the wide range applications require ceramic points that strike a perfect balance in terms of chip performance, surface finish and longevity. Ceramic points are often used in foundries and mold making. For fine machining, our range also includes elastic and polishing points tailored to your needs.

To best achieve your result in the most cost-effective way, a few factors need to be considered when selecting the correct mounted point for your application. The abrasive grain type, grain size, bond type and performance parameters for the application would be all key factors to success.

Mounted points differ in terms of abrasive grain type and abrasive grain size. Different abrasive grain types include Aluminium oxide, Ceramic, Silicon carbide and Alumina-zirconia. Abrasive grain size is usually specified according to FEPA standards. The three main performance specifications for mounted points and cones are rotary speed, shank diameter, or bore inner diameter (ID) and outer diameter (OD). Rotary speed is the maximum speed recommended by the mounted point manufacturer. The bore is the ID of the center mount of the abrasive product and is used to secure the abrasive product onto a spindle or mandrel. The shank diameter is the OD of the pin or shaft of the mounted point or wheel. When selecting mounted points, the shape and OD of the product should also be considered.

When looking at vitrified bonded mounted points the Superflex range of Aluminium oxide, ruby mounted points offer a coarser grit which can break down rapidly – Ideal for cutting and removing metal and best suited for steels and cast steels. This specification works well on cast iron, hardened and tempered steels, as well as welding seams on alloyed and tool steels. The finer Aluminium oxide pink range of Superflex mounted points is a hard stone that retains its shape and leaves a fine surface finish – Best suited to steels and cast steel.
Silicon Carbide mounted points are ideal for Cast iron, Non-ferrous steel, Non-metallic material, brittle and hard Carbide, glass, gem, and stone grinding, or honing. Both green and black Silicon carbide variants are available under the Superflex range.

Ceramic vitrified and resin bonded mounted points are the best available technology within the Superflex range. These mounted points are the most versatile choice for high volume foundry operations. The unique, engineered Ceramic grain shape combined with the latest technology bond type provides the highest metal removal rate with a longer product life span compared to Aluminium oxide and Silicon carbide grain type products. With a much cooler cut and preventing loading, Ceramic mounted points are ideal for deburring, blending, and finishing whilst creating a very uniform finish.

Despite their small size, mounted points should be used with all the safety precautions recommended for other types of abrasive grinding wheels. Each point should be inspected before use to make sure that the spindle has not been bent or the point damaged. When mounting, the spindle should be inserted into the collet as far as possible. The pressure exerted in the grinding operation should not be excessive. Mounted points should be operated with the recommended speed to achieve efficient grinding action. The factors that affect the maximum safe operating speed of a particular size wheel include.

  • The size and shape of the mounted point
  • The overhang (distance that the wheel is extended from the collet)
  • The diameter of the spindle on which the wheel is mounted
  • The condition of the grinder and it’s collet.

The use of mounted points can produce dust. Take normal precautions to avoid exposure. Always wear face protection. It is good practice when operating portable grinders to hold the grinder down and away from the operator until full operating speed is attained and it is determined that the mounted point is properly mounted and running smoothly. Do not operate a mounted point which is not properly mounted and running true. If excessive vibration is felt, stop the grinder immediately and do not resume grinding until the cause is found and corrected.
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