Grinding Techniques – Putting YOUR Safety First

At Grinding Techniques, the safety of our customers is our priority. As a preferred partner to the Construction and Mining industry we are determined to ensure only the best suitable products, manufactured to the highest safety standards, available at the best value for money price-point. Being a Company of the TYROLIT Group, and internationally OSA-and-ISO accredited, we meet all the EN standards, giving our customers peace of mind that we always put safety first.


Tyrolit is a leading European brand of products with a manufacturing facility in Africa for Africa.

Certified abrasive products carry a safety rating that can only be applied after fulfilling a series of strict measures as set out by the Organization for the Safety of Abrasives. The OSA Trademark not only ensures safety during cutting-and-grinding operations but also indicates that products are tested to the highest safety standards giving peace of mind to all users of the products and each product carrying this symbol, can be traced back to its manufacturer.

Specialising in abrasives since 1981 our solution-driven strategy allows you to choose the right tool for the job whilst maximising both your production output and long-term profits.
With our range of cutting and grinding solutions it is an easy decision to obtain the right tool for the job, with all our products boasting longevity, durability and dependability.
When you need a cost-effective cutting-tool for everyday operations, look no further than the 2-in-1 slimline range from Tyrolit.

The Standard two star 2-in-1 disc is perfectly designed for optimum cutting performances on both stainless steel and mild steel. This slimline disc is suitable for use on stainless steel without the risk of contaminating the material. Not only does it offer a cost-efficient solution for your everyday work, but also the safety standards customers have come to expect from Tyrolit products. It puts the power and stability in your hands, designed to cut metal sheets, profiles, pipes, rods and solid bars and rods. The product comes at a great value for money price-point and based on application can save a company on labour and consumable cost.

Tyrolit Standard two star 2-in-1 flap discs offer consistent stock removal throughout its lifetime and is the perfect tool for effortless machining of welding seams as well as edge grinding and surface grinding. Made from a natural fibre core free from fibre glass, this disc is also environmentally friendly. Specifically manufactured for use on both steel-and-stainless steel, it will not contaminate, discolour or burn the workpiece. If your application requires a finishing application with a lower grinding angle, the Type 28A will be the best choice, whereas the Type 27A is best suited to a more aggressive stock removal grinding application.

At Grinding Techniques, we are able to customise solutions for all abrasive cutting-and- grinding operations, whatever your application. Apart from this, our Research & Development Team continually test and evaluate all products to ensure they achieve optimum results safely during application, whilst increasing your productivity and profits.

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