When tolerance is key it is vital to choose the correct partner for your precision grinding operations

The precision industry requires parts to have tighter tolerances and attain a specific surface finish whilst maintaining a low production input cost per unit, a challenging factor for many when wanting to maintain a competitive edge in the market.


To achieve optimum performance, one needs to consider the complete grinding process. Correct coolant supply to the grinding wheel and workpiece is of utmost importance, machine spindle bearings must be in good condition to ensure vibration free grinding and sharp enough diamond dressers to open and not close the grinding wheel face are but a few factors that influence the overall process, vital to achieve optimal grinding results.

By choosing a partner that not only understands the importance of this but are in a position to provide technical know-how with the ability to locally produce products that meet these requirements, you can give your business the competitive edge with increased production output.

“We understand that using a grinding wheel is one of the most versatile and cost-effective methods to remove material from machined parts. A cutting action of hard and sharp abrasive grain particles from a rotating grinding wheel achieves this when the grinding wheel forces abrasive grains into the surface of the workpiece,” says a spokesperson for Grinding Techniques.

“An abrasive grinding wheel is a replaceable consumable that carries an abrasive compound on its periphery. They are manufactured of small, sharp and very hard natural or synthetic abrasive minerals, bonded together in a matrix to form the wheel. The grinding of precision components is only made possible by choosing the correct grinding wheel specification which is crucial for the achievement of high precision stock removal and or surface finish to very high tolerances. Due to the great number of variables involved, the grinding process is one of the most complex tooling processes.”

“With the advent of more exotic materials being ground, ranging from hard to grind metal sprays to tougher and harder tool steels, choosing the correct grinding wheel specification is becoming increasingly difficult.”

“Grinding Techniques make use of the latest technology in the ANDOR and TYROLIT range by using various high-quality minerals and proven bonding systems. This ensures a faster stock removal rate due to the self-sharpening effect of the grain and the properties of the bonding system that keep the grain in place for optimum performance. This combination is perfect to produce parts were tight tolerance and adequate surface finish is a prerequisite.”

“As a trusted precision partner, being the largest local manufacturer of precision grinding wheels in Sub-Saharan Africa, we at Grinding Techniques are able to engineer specific products for individual requirements with very competitive manufacturing lead times. Our comprehensive after sales service with technical expertise from our business development team and sales force ensure that we are with you every step of the way and ready to assist with any enquiries around the most optimum grinding process.”

For more information, please contact: 011 271 6400 | info@grindtech.com | www.grindtech.com.