Superflex Non-woven Abrasive Range

We pride ourselves in bringing premium abrasives to the market and delivering only the best since 1981. Our latest range includes Non-Woven Abrasives, composed of abrasive grains that are fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon fibres. The abrasive types can range from silicon carbide to aluminum oxide or ceramic alumina.


Besides providing a consistent finish throughout the product’s lifetime, Non-Woven significantly reduces steps in achieving the perfect finish.

Used wet or dry, they enable the user to achieve a consistent, uniform finish, and conformability to irregular surfaces, with minimal material removal, smearing and discoloration of the workpiece. Their open-mesh construction makes them waterproof, rinseable, and resilient.

Superflex Non-Woven abrasives are available in a range of derivates, with different sizes and materials to suit various applications.

Non-Woven hand pads and rolls are mainly used for cleaning and processing surfaces using orbital sanders or hand-guided grinding. A wide range of specifications offer the user a variety of surface finishing options. The range extends from coarse specifications for cleaning weld seams through to very-fine polishing applications. A consistent finish with proven longevity is guaranteed thanks to the abrasive grain that is impregnated into the entire fleece of the product and not only located on the surface. Flexibility is also ensured by the abrasive fabric that adapts perfectly to the geometry of the workpiece surface.

Should your application require a portable power tool to achieve your desirable finish more timeously, numerous non-woven products suitable for a 115mm right angle grinder are available. This product offering includes but is not limited to Superflex Non-Woven Flap discs, Premium Pre-Polish and Polishing discs, as well as Rough Cleaning discs.

Step one in surface preparation usually involves cleaning and removing of imperfections like rust, excess paint, and other coatings.

The Superflex Rough Cleaning disc constructed from highly porous nylon fibers, and evenly treated with aggressive abrasives, is able to stand up to any challenge. Load and smear resistant, it offers guaranteed longevity with an even scratch pattern, and low heat generation, making it suitable for rust, paint, and varnish removal with the least possible effort.

Removing or blending rough scratch marks can be achieved with the Superflex Non-Woven Flap disc range. Available in coarse, medium and fine, the multi-dimensional flap design reduces clogging and prevents unwanted material discoloration.

To prepare surfaces for polishing, you require a sturdy, high quality product. The Superflex Premium Pre-Polish unitised disc consists of several layers of abrasive fabric ensuring longevity and sturdiness. This allows the disc also to be used for smaller deburring jobs. The ideal operating speed for non-woven abrasive products are typically 60% of the total speed of a 115mm angle grinder but the product has been developed to achieve good results even on non-adjustable speed angle grinders.

The initial polishing application can be concluded with the Superflex Premium Polishing Disc. Constructed from highly flexible flaps for optimal heat distribution and cool grinding it avoids undesired discoloration, when used in conjunction with a polishing paste to create a perfect mirror finish.

The Superflex Non-Woven range is available from major retailers.

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