Refurbish your pool with Grinding Techniques

When a swimming pool is built, the structure is covered with a layer of either plaster or fibre glass that serves as a shell or lining as water proofing which can last between 5 and 20 years.


If not properly maintained it could potentially crack, and cause a leak, which in turn can create larger issues if the leak penetrates the foundation.

Identifying the condition of your pool shell or structure is the first thing that should be done before renovating a pool to determine the level of construction work required and the best renovation method.

Sometimes, the pool surface can become rough, exposing potential sharp sections that can create small, uncomfortable cuts on a person’s feet or hands, which, if not attended to can expand into larger openings straight into the surface. Typically, this is noticed as stained sections, which may be breeding grounds for algae, commonly not removable by brushing or chemicals. The surface may also become bumpier over time and lose its original smoothness, which might lead to the coating eroding to the point of not being waterproof anymore, causing water to leach into the foundation, potentially causing catastrophic damage.

Grinding Techniques, a local manufacturer and supplier of abrasive products can assist in this refurbishing process, once the pool surface has been washed with acid to remove any contaminants and loose plaster Superflex Semi-Flex abrasive discs can then be applied as they are ideal for the leveling of any uneven pool surface, or cleaning of deep scratches or imperfections that require some additional repairs.

When it comes to larger cracks, the Superflex Masonry abrasive cutting discs or Superflex Diamond cutting blades may be used to open the crack and clean it up in preparation for filling. Superflex Diamond cutting blades can also be used to cut mosaic tiles and stone copings for rounding off the pool’s edges.

After refurbishment, a number of potential coatings may be considered, ranging from marble plaster to fibre glass or epoxy coatings.

Rest assured that whatever the choice of surface coatings, Grinding Techniques will have a product available to grind, cut and finish both the surface and substrate to perfection.

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