Non-Woven Hand Pads & Rolls

Non-Woven abrasives are also known as three-dimensional abrasives that will enhance the product’s surface without removing or damaging the geometry of the work piece
The open-weave construction provides a continuous supply of new grain as old fiber and grain wear away during application
With 100% impregnation, the abrasive grain is not just located on the surface, but also inside the fleece allowing for a controlled, consistent finish.

Application – Dependent on specification and grit size

  • Blending, deburring and cleaning
  • Removal of micro burrs
  • Cleaning of machine parts
  • Intermediate sanding of lacquer and paint on wood

    Available in:

    • Red Brown (Medium, Fine, Very Fine)
    • Green (General Purpose)

    • Hand pads dimensions: 229mm x 150mm
      Rolls are available in 150mm wide and 10m long

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