Must have abrasives for your toolbox

Any DIY enthusiast will inevitably need to cut, grind or sand something. A selection of abrasives is a must have in your toolbox for any DIY project. The market offers an extensive variety of abrasive products to suit various applications ranging from sanding to cutting and grinding at home.


A broad range of cutting-and-grinding discs suited to many applications are available in different sizes and specifications. As discs are manufactured for both ferrous and non-ferrous materials, care should be taken when choosing the correct disc for an intended application and the information displayed on the disc label should be taken into account.
Apart from conventional cutting-and-grinding discs, some manufacturers carry a special purpose cutting-and-grinding disc range suited for specialised applications like radius cutting or cut-and-grind applications.

Most cutting-and-grinding discs are available in different sizes to fit both the 115-and-230mm standard diameter angle grinders. When choosing a quality disc, look out for a brand that offers fast and smooth cuts with high stock removal, durability and longevity.

Discs, rolls and paper all form part of coated abrasives and are used in numerous different applications. Whether you are sanding by hand to smooth down a surface or using a powerful belt sander or right-angle grinder to remove large amounts of material or shape a piece of wood within seconds, there are various products available to get the job done quick and effortlessly.
When choosing the correct sanding paper, you need to evaluate the intended application first. Cabinet paper more commonly known as “Wood Sanding or Garnet Sheets” is known as a cost-effective product that provides a fast cutting action and uniform quality finish on woodworking applications, and is ideal for sanding wood surfaces treated with primer, sealer, lacquer, paint and other liquid coatings and finishes. Waterproof paper sheets more commonly known as “Wet or Dry or Water Paper Sheets on the other hand, offer a bit more longevity, faster cut rate and a consistent finish with popular applications like light duty metal sanding, defect removal from paint surfaces, sanding of composites and fiberglass, as well as filler sanding, sanding between sealers and coats of paint or varnish.

Floor sanding rolls or 300mm X 1m rolls, is an economical product with great versatility for a variety of general-purpose applications and offer a heavy-duty backing that ensures fast cutting action – ideal for hand sanding, paint and rust removal. Handy rolls more commonly known as “Economy or Emery rolls” come with a flexible cloth backed material best suited for scouring, deburring, breaking edges and the removal of rust and scale from metals. All available in various grit sizes and 25, 40 and 50mm widths to make the choice for your application easier.
Abrasive discs are another product considered as an essential abrasive for your toolbox. Velcro backed sanding discs or sheets are used with power sanders and allow for a 40% to 50% faster cut rate with a more consistent and uniform scratch pattern than other conventional abrasives. Typical applications would include sanding wood and paint removal. Fiber discs, also used on power sanders are used for high stock removal and require a suitable back up pad.

Flap discs are bolted directly onto a right-angle grinder offering both high stock removal and sanding applications. With flap discs available in different grit sizes and specifications, they have become a popular alternative to conventional resin Fiber discs.

Whatever abrasive product you choose for your toolbox, you are sure to find a vast selection of options at your nearest retailer.

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