Moving the Automotive Industry Forward

Global warming plays a major role on climate change, in some parts of the world wreaking havoc with uncontrollable veld fires, severe flooding and drought.


The major contributing factor being high levels of carbon dioxide that is released in the atmosphere by gas emissions from internal combustion engines. A renewed focus on climate change and stricter policies are changing the way motor vehicles are being produced for the future. Manufacturers are downsizing engine size but increasing engine capacity by adding turbochargers – placing huge emphasis on the quality and surface finish requirements of engine components. The reduction in weight of alloys and material chosen poses a great challenge in the machining of these components.

Grinding Techniques – a Tyrolit company – is at the forefront of product development to support the automotive industry with class leading brands like Superflex and Andor and has the experience and expertise in providing cost effective grinding solutions to cater for the OEM automotive component and automotive reconditioning market, especially the grinding of crankshafts, brake and clutch components and the refurbishing of automotive body panels. Their local research and development facility enables them to provide the best possible product specification whilst obtaining low machining costs per unit.

Their Andor range consists of specialised precision abrasives that are suitable to a range of grinding applications within the automotive industry. These wheels are all manufactured with specialised bonding properties and proven grain combinations that allow for excellent form holding, cool grinding, high stock removal with the perfect balance of surface finish.
Specific to the automotive reconditioning market, they have products available to suit crank-and-camshaft grinding, polishing, valve seat and stem end grinding as well as the brake and clutch industry, to name but a few. They also employ the latest CNC machining which enables them to produce wheels for the gear industry with a range of modules, pressure angles and starts required for continuous generating and profile gear grinding. With the addition of Sintered Aluminum Oxide in various products, they are able to cut down on the overall production cost per unit, whilst still attaining a cool cut and good form holding on the grinding wheel.

The Superflex range carries a variety of cutting-and-grinding abrasives that have been tried and tested for over 40 years. Produced locally at their head office in Chamdor, Krugersdorp, these abrasives are manufactured with only the best raw materials to ensure optimum performance upon application.

The latest addition to their range includes the Grinding Techniques Non-Woven Abrasives, composed of abrasive grains that are fused to a three-dimensional support of nylon fibres. Uniform distribution of the abrasives combined with the softness of the material ensures a constant and consistent finish throughout the working process and product’s lifetime. Other product benefits include high ventilation to avoid overheating of the work piece surface, high flexibility and adaptability to the work piece with lower noise levels and resistance to clogging.
Non-Woven Abrasives are effective on multi-materials e.g., stainless steel, aluminium, ferrous metals and their alloys, cast iron, titanium, plastic, varnish and plasters, and available in a variety of derivates.

No tool portfolio is complete without the versatile coated abrasives range. Grinding Techniques has a diverse range from flap discs and polishing wheels to belts and fabric products. All these products were developed with cost.

efficiency, productivity, and the end-user’s comfort in mind. From coarse machining to the perfect mirror finish, they offer the optimum tool required for your application.
Partnering with Grinding Techniques and offering tailor-made products with competitive lead times and custom grinding solutions, will go a long way in moving your business forward.

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