Grinding Techniques Your Partner in Ship Building and Repairs

A wide variety of abrasives coated and bonded are used when building and repairing marine vessels. Grinding Techniques, a local manufacturer of bonded, and converter of coated abrasives is your perfect partner with quality abrasive products suited to various applications for the ship building and repair industry. The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of large marine vessels being built and repaired would be enormous structures fabricated from very large pieces of metal.


There are however thousands of parts inside a ship that also need to be fabricated and maintained by using a wide variety of bonded and coated abrasives. Cutting and grinding discs form a big part of the selected abrasive product range whilst fabricating these smaller parts which will include the vessels tubes, pipes, stairs and even the balustrades to mention a few.

Grinding Techniques locally manufactures a comprehensive range of Superflex cutting and grinding discs for all applications and materials to be cut or ground. Further to this, we also carry a full range of coated abrasive products for the finishing and polishing requirements of these manufactured parts.

When it comes to cutting and grinding applications on a vessel there would be a variety of scenarios to be considered, for example the accessibility of the area where the work needs to be performed and what material type is to be cut or ground. Understanding the final required finish of the material to be worked on is also of utmost importance when selecting the best suited abrasive product for the job at hand. Angle grinders would be the most preferred power tool to use in confined spaces of a vessel due to their size and the comfort of use they offer to the operator. Carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel would be the most common material used for components in ship building. Special care needs to be taken when selecting the ideal cutting or grinding disc for each material type and application. Always ensure that the correct specification cutting or grinding disc is used for the type of material to be worked on. One of the common challenges in shipbuilding with various materials involved is the cross-contamination of cutting and grinding discs and material ground. Products specifically designed to cut aluminum for example should not be used to cut steel and stainless steel. When cutting stainless steel for example always use the disc on stainless steel only for its entire life cycle to preserve optimal product performance and avoid cross-contamination of materials. At Grinding Techniques, we have a full range of application specific “Superflex” cutting and grinding discs for every material to be cut or ground. Contact one of our product specialists for a safe and task specific abrasive solution for your applications.

Our full range of coated abrasive products include flap discs, resin bonded fiber discs and Velcro backed sanding discs to name a few – all manufactured with the highest materials to meet any surface finish requirement. In addition to this, we also offer a full range of wire brushes used in the ship building and repair industry.

At Grinding Techniques, the safety of our customers is a top priority. Operator training is offered to reduce the labor time spent while cutting and grinding as products perform at their best when used at the correct angle, pressure and speeds on the correct materials.