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Industrial applications require a high degree of specialization. Grinding Techniques offers you Pearl grinding abrasive products from Starcke – the exact tool for your grinding needs.


With these products a perfect surface and optimal product life can be assured. You can rely on Starcke Coated Abrasives as it carries the “Made in Germany” quality mark.

The Pearl grinding product range obtains its uniqueness from the mineral (grain) used to perform the cutting action. Granulated abrasive grains are pearl shaped that ensure consistent surface quality and removal rates. This abrasive technology is also known as agglomerate abrasives. Agglomerate abrasives is a combination of several identically sized abrasive grains that are shaped into a larger granulate using a resin before being spread onto a backing. Synthesized like this these abrasive granules form a firm bond that are attached to a material backing.

There are a few main advantages one can benefit from using the Pearl coated abrasive products. Very consistent surface finish is ensured; abrasive minerals go through a self-sharpening process throughout its life cycle, thus having continuous and uniform sharp edges exposed. Stock removal rates are higher than with conventional abrasive grains and longer longevity in the product life ensures perfect results whilst saving costs and time.

The Pearl range is well suited for the repair of coils and plates in a rolling mill. Pearl products also display their high performance in applications involving the use of water, emulsion and oil. With its high bond hardness, Pearl abrasives have the ideal application characteristics for edge grinding of flat rolled steel materials. Due to its uniform surface grinding characteristics they are perfect to produce a polished or matt surface finish.

Our Pearl offering is also suited for centerless grinding of tubes, bars and cylinders with a bonding system that is optimally suited for wet and dry grinding machine applications. With its regenerative concept, consisting of granulated abrasive grains and bonding system, the Pearl product offering guarantees a consistently uniform wire surface finish. This ensures perfect removal of mill scales from the wire and a uniform feed of the wire material throughout the product’s useful life, significantly reducing wear of the drawing plate.

Contact one of our Product Specialists at Grinding Techniques for a Pearl grinding solution to benefit from a product with longevity whilst maintaining a consistent stock removal and a consistent scratch depth and workpiece surface.

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