Grinding Applications Within The Mining Industry

As a local manufacturer of premium abrasives, we are well aware of the many challenges the mining industry faces. With our solution-driven approach, we are perfectly positioned to assist in the improvement of safety and operational processes. This helps with the perfect balance between quality and cost.

mining industry essentials

Knowing that the safety of workers is paramount to applications involving abrasives. We are a proudly oSa-certified manufacturer, which puts us at the top of preferred abrasive suppliers.

Mining Industry Specifications

Specific to applications within the mining sector, we developed the first ever Type 28 dual purpose cutting and grinding disc. The Superflex Cut Grind. Designed and manufactured to safely operate as an effective cutting and light angle grinding disc. This is primarily used on back grinding of welds, yet also suitable for blending and under cutting repair work.

With safety as one of our core priorities, this disc was designed with the intention of replacing the application of using a conventional cutting disc to grind and deburr materials – a dangerous application often leading to potential breakages with possible injuries on application.

As the Superflex Cut-Grind disc reduces a two-step process to only one, less disc changes are required. This effectively increases efficiency, whilst reducing down-time. With our custom product solutions, we also offer full operator training to ensure maximum output and safety on application.

Our Range of Products

Apart from the Superflex Cut Grind, our comprehensive abrasive range includes various products suited to mining-based applications from cutting and grinding discs, to precision grinding wheels and finishing products. For high alloy and stainless steels, we offer a range of Zirconia Alumina and Ceramic abrasives. These have specifically been developed to provide more efficient results, as these steels are used more often in mines due to their ability to resist corrosion, therefore using abrasives that are free from contaminants are key for these types of steel.

Final Thoughts

Grinding applications are critical to the mining industry, impacting both the economic viability and the environmental impact of mining projects. As the sector evolves, embracing new technology and sustainable practices will be critical to satisfying the growing worldwide demand for minerals. Furthermore, this is minimising environmental consequences. For more information on solutions and products customised for the Mining Industry, please contact us: +27 11 271 6400| Email | Grinding Techniques

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