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Category - Precision Grinding

Our ANDOR vitrified and resin bonded precision wheels are specifically engineered to suit applications in mining, saw sharpening, thread and gear grinding. A comprehensive range of shapes, sizes and specifications are available to suit local conditions and requirements. Local manufacture enables us to engineer specific products to cater for individual requests with minimum delay.

Centerless Grinding

With grinding wheel, regulating wheel and dressing tool, a complete range is offered to allow a complete application solution

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External Cylindrical Grinding

Tools for external cylindrical grinding

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Surface Grinding

We manufacture a complete range of task specific grinding wheels, cups, cylinders and segments for reciprocating, rotary bed, creep feed and profile surface grinding applications.

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Tool & Cutter Grinding

Wheels are specifically engineered to achieve the most advantageous results for the maintenance, sharpening and repair of a variety of cutting tools.

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Saw Sharpening

Grinding wheels for wood and processing tools.

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Gear Grinding

Wheels for generating grinding, profile grinding and bevel gear grinding.

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Spring End Grinding

Wheels are available in nut, plate and ring mounted variations, for end grinding of various sizes of coil and leaf springs.

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Roll Grinding

Wheels are produced in resin and vitrified bonds. Roll grinding is a special type of external cylindrical grinding and is used in steel and paper mills.

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Internal Grinding

Being one of the most difficult types of grinding, internal cylindrical grinding of bores and holes of parts, wheels are specifically selected to grind different types of metal ranging from soft to hard.

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