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Category - Foundry

The Foundry Industry has a unique set of abrasive product requirements. Grinding Techniques has the application, machinery and metallurgical expertise that allow us to manufacture a range of premium abrasive products engineered, designed and manufactured to keep your foundry on the cutting edge of technology and productivity.


A range of cutting discs designed to achieve optimum results in cutting applications.

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Wheels manufactured to provide outstanding stock removal, simple handling and above-average lifetime.

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Pattern Shops

Products manufactured from high-quality materials ensure optimum results are achieved in pattern making.

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Laboratory Work

Every laboratory has a list of specific requirements. Metallurgical laboratories are no different. We offer the most comprehensive product selection to assist your laboratory in achieving the required result in the most effective fashion.

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Mounted Points, Cones

A selection of abrasive mounted points offering vibration- reducing solutions for the highest quality requirements.

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Maximum stock removal made possible with our selection of tungsten carbide burrs.

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Fettling Belts

High-quality fettling belts to remove unwanted stock from raw castings.

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