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Category - Light Industrial

Our range of abrasive products are ideal for every application at HOME. From cutting and grinding to sanding and finishing we carry a vast assortment of products to suit your project requirement. Available at all major retailers


A range of cutting discs to suit various applications.

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Our range of wheels will ensure you get the optimal solution for the grinding job.

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Power Brushes

Remove anything from rust to paint with our range of universal power brushes.

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Coated sheets, belts, rolls, fibre, flap and Velcro discs to ensure a smooth finish.

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Surface Finishing

Prepare and apply a final finish with our range of non-woven abrasives.

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Diamond Blades

Cut masonry, bricks, tiles, concrete, granite, ceramic and marble.

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Points & Burrs

Deburr, smooth, clean and polish difficult to reach parts.

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Retail Offering

Exclusive to MAJOR retailers.

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Back- Up pads, rubbing bricks and bench grinding wheels.

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