Category - Coated

Create the optimum surface for a perfect finish with our range of coated products suited to various applications.


Application- specific solutions for the OEM and aftermarket automotive industry. We offer a of range products suited to create perfect surfaces in body repairs, car paint applications and automotive component refurbishment. Available in a vast range of different specifications and sizes.

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Floor Finishing

With our superior range of floor finishing products, we are able to offer tailor-made product solutions to suit any surface preparation or finishing application. Available in different materials and grit sizes to suit your requirement

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Specific products to assist with coated needs on metal. From grinding to surface conditioning and polishing, our range of abrasive products have been carefully selected to deliver optimum performance and achieve maximum results.

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Achieving a perfect finish when working with wood has never been easier. Our range of coated products have been carefully selected to achieve a consistent finish- dependent on your requirement. Available in various specifications and sizes to suit your application need.

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Our selection of non-woven abrasives are manufactured to create even finishes in fewer steps than with conventional coated abrasives. Designed with flexibility, they are ideal for achieving high-quality micro-satin surface finishes on metal, plastics, coatings and composite materials. Products consist of rolls, hand pads, surface conditioning discs and spindle mounted flap wheels- all available in different grit sizes, to achieve customer specific finishes.

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Coated product solutions - application specific to the marine , pool refurbishment and glass industry. Our abrasive range includes various specifications and sizes to fulfill your application requirement.

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